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Early in 2013 SmartAIM investigated news items about information security. In 100 scanned articles about threats only 2 mentioned internal breaches, unauthorised access by company staff or misuse of authorisations. The vast majority, 89%, were stories about external threats like Trojan Horses, Viruses and Hackers.

These numbers are even more shocking because since 2012 the financial damage for organisations worldwide caused by internal information theft exceeded the damage by external theft.

SmartAIM Authorisation Management Suite gives you full control over who can access software, functionality in software, information and even physical access to building spaces.

SmartAIM provides a complete Identity and Access Governance solution, which is fully integrated; has a process strategy, tactics and supporting software, while being easy to implement and covering all angles. With this solution every organisation can, in a short time frame, gain and keep control over user accounts and authorizations, and cover any possible audit. 

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SmartAIM Authorisation Management Suite can be implemented in a very short time span; and uniquely to this system is that all existing data and processes are loaded into SmartAIM and reports are available instantly. Evaluations and improvements can be executed immediately.

This approach, instant optimisation supported and executed by the software, guarantees a massive cost reduction compared to traditional IAM projects.

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